The project works by using public spaces donated by individuals and using them as places artists can create works that improve life for the whole community.   

You supply the walls, artists supply their talents and together we can help make Penge a more beautiful and interesting place to live. 


What kind of spaces will you accept?

If its public facing and you can paint on it we are interested. We may opt not to work with a space if we feel the surface is unsuitable for painting or if the location means it makes it hard for the public to see.

How will I know what artist or artwork I'll get?

The short answer is, you won't. We curate the project very carefully to make sure every piece is appropriate for the location but do not offer choice of designs ahead of time.

The artists themselves donate their own time and materials to make the art happen and the cost of producing preliminary designs ahead of time as well would simply be too much on top of that.

We've helped create over 500 diverse artworks produced by local and international artists this way and you can see by the photos the high quality of work this method produces.

Ultiamtely it isn't about the individual artwork a space owner has, it's about contributing a space to Penge's growing gallery, creating a platform for a variety of art for everyone to enjoy.

Are the artists qualified?

Yes, in fact some of the artists who have painted for us normally charge thousands. They offer to paint for us for free because of the unique freedom our way of working provides. We ensure their creative freedom, they ensure great art.

How long will the art stay?

Given the time many artworks take to produce, We like to keep art works for up to a year before replacing them with new artworks by different artists.

Can I tell the Artist what I want them to paint?

No, almost all the artists we use are professional mural painters. We aim to create a platform for artists to express themselves and show off their own finest work for everyone. Both we and the artists do not want to create free advertising for  businesses or commissioned artworks personal to only a few.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Because the artwork does not promote any person, product or service it is not classified as advertising or as paint isn't an additional structure to an existing property, no planning permission is required before starting work.

Can I pay you to advertise on one of your art spaces?

Absolutely not. We are committed to creating a platform for artists that supports them and the communities that donate spaces for them to work on. It's hard (and unethical) for people to enjoy art if they are unaware if what they are seeing comes from the artist themselves or is a message designed to sell them something. This includes brand and advertising deals in murals which would undermine public trust in our work, and as such we don't support them.

Finally, all the artists kindly give their own time, materials, talent and experience to make this project happen. It would be unfair for a few people to use it as a

platform for personal profit.


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